shapes and structures

stephan hampala & yoko shimizu

opening on thursday, 22 october, 6 pm – 8 pm
the artists are present.

23 october – 21 november 2015

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the terms shapes and structures form the brackets for the works of stephan hampala and yoko shimizu. although the two artists met several times in places such as leipzig (grassimesse, grassimuseum of applied arts), london (origin, crafts council) and new york (loot, museum of arts and design), the upcoming exhibition of the slavik gallery places their works in relation to one another for the very first time. colour and transparency are two further points of reference for works that make use of materials and techniques which could not differ more.

in his recent work stephan hampala largely forgoes patterns, shifting his focus to the precise structures that emerge when delicate beads are meticulously joined together, as well as to the effect of monochromatic colour fields that may contrast in a striking manner or in subtly perceptible nuances: transparency and opacity, light and dark.

the work of yoko shimizu centres on the transformation of shapes, materials and colours as manifested in her necklaces. pieces of wood are cast in resin, thus transferring the structure – a transformation from natural to artificial, from opaque to transparent. this transformation continues with the wearer’s movements and the incidence of light, losing and gaining something at the same time.

galerie slavik, himmelpfortgasse 17, 1010 wien |